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Your organization has a message. A story to tell. A service to promote. A product to sell. Your customers want what you offer, and you desire to reach them. PixelGood® shows you how.

Good Campaign.

Good Quality Campaign. Made to Order.Ready to begin? This survey is designed to provide a well-rounded perspective of the expectations you have for your company’s communications campaign. A campaign generally includes several different design and media components such as identity, print and/or website. The number of details to consider when launching a campaign can be daunting. By providing this valuable input, you are making sure to provide a clear understanding of the overall scope and direction you wish to take—enabling PixelGood to provide you with a more accurate project proposal.

This survey has been created with ease of use in mind, and you may type your answers right into the fields, and check or uncheck boxes based on selections. Gather your answers—consult others in your company as necessary—and refine them before finalizing this survey.

There are 11 parts to the survey.

  • Part 1: General Information
  • Part 2: Products/Services
  • Part 3: Audience/Desired Action
  • Part 4: Perception
  • Part 5: Identity Specifications
  • Part 6: Print Media Specifications
  • Part 7: Web Media Specifications
  • Part 8: Marketing
  • Part 9: Campaign Website Flowchart
  • Part 10: Notes/Comments
  • Part 11: Feedback

Upon its submission, a member of the PixelGood team will follow up with the contact person indicated in the survey.

If you’d rather obtain a copy of this survey in PDF format to fill out onscreen in Acrobat Reader (it saves your progress and allows you to submit your responses via email) or to print out to fill in manually, you may request one by visiting the contact page and indicating your interest.

Thank you for considering PixelGood for your project!

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