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Your organization has a message. A story to tell. A service to promote. A product to sell. Your customers want what you offer, and you desire to reach them. PixelGood® shows you how.

Good Campaign Survey.

To receive the best project proposal or estimate, please complete as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. Use the links below or the buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate the form. The info you fill in will be saved as you navigate to each part.

Important: While filling out this form, don’t refresh your browser, or use your browser’s “back” button! Your filled-in responses (during this session) will be saved as you go, but if you refresh the browser, all of the information you enter will be lost! Only use the links on this page and/or the “Next” and “Previous” buttons found at the bottom of the page to navigate through the forms.

If you’d rather obtain a copy of this planner in PDF format to fill out onscreen in Acrobat Reader (it saves your progress and allows you to submit your responses via email) or to print out to fill in manually, you may request one by visiting the contact page and indicating your interest.

(>) Part 1: General Information

Company Info

Company Contact



(logo, stationery, etc.—you may identify specifics later in this survey)
(brochure, flyer, etc.—you may identify specifics later in this survey.)
(website, banner, etc.—you may identify specifics later in this survey)
, please advise
—please indicate:

Marketing Materials


, all of the project components need to launch at the same time


(To have a proposal generated for this project, a range MUST be selected.)

(>) Part 2: Products/Services

(please indicate):

(>) Part 3: Audience/Desired Action

Who is your intended audience? What are their needs? Your response to these questions will determine the type of information that your campaign should provide.

(>) Part 4: Perception

(please indicate):

(>) Part 5: Identity Specifications

—please indicate quantity (i.e. 5 cards @ 500 each):
—(please indicate quantity):
(usually includes front/secondary pages)—indicate quantity:
—please indicate format (i.e. fax, forms, notepads, packing slips) and quantity:

(>) Part 6: Print Media Specifications

, please advise

(>) Part 7: Web Media Specifications

(please indicate):

(This info will be necessary if you wish PixelGood to upload the Web campaign to your host’s server.)

(>) Part 8: Marketing

(please indicate):

(please indicate):

(>) Part 9: Campaign Website Flowchart

If relevant, sketch out the basic areas of your campaign website and what you expect to include. The fields below will define the names of your campaign website sections and secondary links/sections. If you haven’t thought about this yet, that’s fine, and you can leave this blank for now. We’ll be working on this exercise together during the project.

= Section   = Links within section

If more space is needed for additional sections or links, please indicate so in “Part 10: Notes/Comments.”


(>) Part 10: Notes/Comments

(>) Part 11: Feedback

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