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Your organization has a message. A story to tell. A service to promote. A product to sell. Your customers want what you offer, and you desire to reach them. PixelGood® shows you how.

Good Relations.

PixelGood works with partners to develop visual communications that include the areas of corporate identity (brand creation/awareness), interactive, mobile, print and Web design and collaborates with partners in the creative process to establish relevant solutions that reach their target audience.

PixelGood works with for-profits and nonprofits from a variety of industries, and delivers projects that adhere to time and budget. Additionally, you can rely on PixelGood to be experienced with the latest technologies and to hold an understanding of modern design approaches and principles.

PixelGood enjoys hearing from prospective partners. To submit a request for a consultation or proposal, please visit the surveys section and choose from the desired project type.

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Good Words.

PixelGood and its partners work together to project the best reach possible for its collective efforts. Sample quotes from valued partners are found below.

“Congratulations on your awards for the design work done on this significant ‘adoption’ series. Your contributions were important and I’m pleased they were acknowledged.”
Dr. Cartwright, KSU President

“I like your ‘Just Folks’ website so much, we’re going to link to it!”
— Steve C., Playhouse Square Marketing

“Thank you for sending these ‘Driving ETA’ brainstorming ideas. There is some great stuff here!”
— Denise K., Office of Outreach, DTI Associates

“We really love the pocket folder design!”
— Valerie D., Communications & Membership Manager, SHEA

“These billboards for the Piazza Italian Market are beautiful. Thank you!”
— Luanne O., Manager, Olio2go

“The SHEA site looks great! I’m very pleased. Good work!”
— Jacqui O., Principal, Olkin Communications Consulting

“These new company stationery designs are great!”
— Pete J., New Business Manager, The Motley Fool

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Disclaimer: Please note that all of the contents found on this website are copyright and reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited without the prior express written consent of PixelGood and/or the companies and organizations for which these designs have been created. Visual design, layout and code may not be reused without permission.

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Good Connection.

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